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Siblings {March}

by Jessica Amey

How has another month passed again so quickly?!

Firstly I have to apologise for my wall photo this month. I stupidly left it to the last minute, as in got home at teatime yesterday and had to try and take it when they were tired and hungry last minute. The light was fading and neither kids were in the mood for photos so this was the best of a terrible selection. I nearly didn’t add it in but I need a wall photo for every month of the year so it will have to do!


The photo below was taken at the beach on Saturday, I love the way she’s about to go and stop him from crawling off. She’s the typical older sister and is always telling him what he is and isn’t allowed to do!


Then afterwards we stopped for ice-cream.

J only had a cone and it really looks like he’s thinking ‘hmmm why has she got ice-cream’ in this photo.

Cherry has a little glint in her eye too of ‘haha, he wants my ice-cream’.


She loves sharing her food with him though and was quick to offer him some of her’s.



This month I am sending you to Keri-Anne’s blog – Gingerlilly Tea – it is full of the most beautiful photography. So dreamy and fairytale like, it’s stunning.

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