Pizza Making, Train Sets And Tutus #LittleLoves

Pizza Making, Train Sets And Tutus #LittleLoves


A book on making dolls and I’ve been putting it all into practice too by making Tiger and Cherry their own dolls. I’ve nearly finished, I’m just trying to knit the jumpers for them but I haven’t made that much progress over the last couple of days as Tiger has been really ill. I forgot how stressful it was having ill kids, we’ve been stuck indoors so Cherry has been bored and it’s been so worrying seeing him burning up. I’ve been in his room for two nights and haven’t had much sleep but fingers crossed he seems a little bit better today.


Not watching telly is going so well. When I am watching a TV series I get so into it that it’s always in my mind a bit and calling me to watch more, since I’ve stopped that I spend my evenings being so productive. I know some people can do both but I just can’t, if I am watching telly then that was all I was doing. We did watch a film about Jimi Hendrix last weekend though, it was really interesting as I didn’t know much about him.


The weather has been crap again, last Sunday was freezing and I ended up wearing jeans again with a huge jumper! Today it is going to rain all day long, UK summers suck.


Cherry wore a Pizza Express hat and apron the other day as we went for a home ed meet up to make pizza. It was lots of fun and we got to eat the pizza afterwards, at 9.30am!




Counting Crows, August and Everything After. Someone mentioned them in a Little Loves post last week so I went on Spotify to listen, it was my favourite album when I was about 16, can’t believe how old it is now!


I made Cherry this tutu which she wore to Larmer Tree Festival last weekend. They are so easy to make and perfect for twirling in. We had a great time at the festival, I will be writing about it soon.


And Lastly…

The kids were sent this train track from The Wooden Toy Shack recently, I absolutely love wooden toys and train sets are such a classic that adults enjoy playing with as much as kids. This was the 100 piece train set and comes with all kinds of signs and buildings as well as the track. They’ve had lots of fun playing with it and if you love wooden toys then you should def check out their website as they have so many lovely things, I especially love all the wooden play food sets.






Thanks to the The Wooden Toy Shack for sending us the train set.

  1. Kerri-Ann

    24 July

    Sounds like a tough week with little one being poorly. We LOVE wooden toys here too. I hope the weekend picks up for you x #littleloves

  2. This linky is great for getting music and film ideas isn’t it? I’m impressed about the no telly thing. I can imagine you get so much done, not that I have the energy come night time. Generally, I don’t sit down until gone 8, then I might just stare at the screen at whatever’s playing, before going to bed and reading.

    I hope the weather improves, but it is the start of the school holidays, so I’m not holding out much hope!

  3. Alice

    24 July

    That tutu’s so cute, and homemade dolls, how lovely 🙂 hope you have a fab weekend xx

  4. claire

    24 July

    I look forward to seeing the homemade dolls (that is on my list too). I find it tough when my toddler is ill, it must be even harder when you have another child too. We love wooden train sets here too. That tutu is fantastic. I’m considering making my little girl one for the just so festival. c

  5. Looks like you had so much fun at the festival, loving Cherry’s tutu, I want to make some for my girls. They got some handmade frozen ones for christmas but i’d love to do these and include them on the making. I’ve contacted my local HE group to see if they do the pizza workshop but only once a year apparently… sob. we’ll have to stick to making them at home!xx

  6. Donna

    24 July

    Train track making is one of our favourite things to do – they look like they’re having a great time! That pizza making looks ace too, Cherry looks so chuffed!! x

  7. Gotta love making your own pizza! Love Cherry’s tutu, it’s so cute. Hope little Tiger is feeling better today. Have a great week x

  8. Anna-Marie

    25 July

    Firstly… How cute is Tigers, top knot?!?!? Absolutley adorable! and he looks so much like Cherry! UK summers definitely do suck, I just wish it would make its mind up and stay like it for at least 6 months. Pizza looks amazing. Wooden train tracks are the best and really durable, I prefer them to the plastic ones! Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  9. Mary

    26 July

    Ive stopped watching TV but got into a netflix series on the laptop so I guess not much has changed hahahaha I deffs need more balance between being productive and relaxing!

    Love your “mint” coloured shoes by the way 😉 x

  10. fritha

    26 July

    the pizza making looks like SO much fun. I was telling Tom about all the fun classes you go to with home ed and he’s really thinking about doing a flex-schooling thing with Wilf so they can do things like this with their Thursdays x

  11. triona

    26 July

    We love wooden and traditional toys in thos house too! Oh my God, I use to love thr Counting Crows, they remind me of my first years Uni. Have a great week x

  12. I hope Tiger is feeling much better soon – it’s so awful when kids are ill and I feel so sorry for them, yet it is such hard work. I saw the knitted jumper on your Instagram – it is awesome and I love the colours you’ve used. My Mum still has the Brio we used to play with as kids and my two love playing it at ours too. I remember going on a school trip to Pizza Express and it was SO much fun! She looks so sweet! x

  13. Emma

    27 July

    I always enjoy reading this so much! It makes me think i might like to do a similar post.

  14. Kerry

    28 July

    That train track is gorgeous and I’m with you on the weather. Actually starting to feel a tad peed off about the state of the weather (as totally irrational as that sounds)! Love that festival skirt. Will have to make Charlie one for a festival we’re going to at the start of Sept. Good shout

  15. Lovely Little Loves! That tutu is fab, E would love it.
    I really must have a listen to Counting Crows, that would be a big trip down memory lane!
    Hope the kiddos are better xx

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