The Christmas Tree Is Finally Up

I can’t believe in one weeks time it will be Christmas Eve.

I’m not feeling very prepared this year. There are so many things I wanted to do and traditions I wanted to start but I haven’t really had a chance to do anything as I just don’t have time, or if I do have time then I’m too tired to do anything. In fact I’ve actually started planning the things I want to do for next Christmas instead.

I usually put my Christmas tree up at the end of November but doing it that soon means that I am sick of it by Christmas Day so this year we waited it out. To the point where we only put it up a couple of days ago. I think it’s better not to be bored of it too early though and this way it might stay up past Boxing Day for once!

Christmas Tree

We have a very random selection of decorations but I think that reflects me as a person as I don’t have anything all matching and perfect. We made some salt dough decorations which Cherry decorated with glitter.

We also have some rather colourful reindeers.

And of course some fairies.

Christmas Fairy

But my favourite bit is the fairy lights.

We have fairy lights up all year round as they are just too pretty to take down but when they are on the tree at Christmas they are extra special. I wanted to try and take some Christmas Tree bokeh shots this year too. I stuck a heart shaped cardboard cut out at the end of my lens and put it onto manual, I don’t really have the first clue what I’m doing but the whole shutter speed, ISO, aperture thing is starting to make a bit more sense.

These were just some practice shots, next I think I will try some different shapes and maybe move the tree so you can’t see the shelves behind it.

Christmas Tree Bokeh

Christmas Tree Bokeh

Cherry absolutely loves the tree. She has set up a little camp behind the sofa next to it and has even been talking to it. The other night I thought she was asking me if I wanted some of her yoghurt, turns out she was asking the Christmas Tree!!


When do you put your tree up?

And do all your decorations match?!


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    I can’t believe how late you are with the tree this year, you’ve always been the first person I know to put theirs up. But it certainly looks very pretty now it is up, I love the salt dough decorations, I’m definitely going to do some next year! And I love the bokeh shots, I’ve been playing around with my camera and the tree a lot this year, some cut outs of shaped bokeh is on my list for the weekend. x
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  2. says

    We’re all about the mismatched decorations! It’s more meaningful to us that way as it’s all stuff we’ve got at different times and it’ll change as the years go by. I’m normally not a fan of coloured lights but I’m really liking your green ones! Maybe we’ll try those next year. Lovely tree! x

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    I love these! Rich bought me a bokeh lens kit for my birthday in the Summer and with all the moving stress we haven’t got a tree up this year to try out all the lenses! You have inspired me to get out and about! I have tried to make my own too – such a good idea! xxx

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    Your tree is gorgeous! Ours went up the weekend before last and is spectacularly eclectic, a theme only enhanced by the silver glitter star and purple glitter bauble produced at nursery by Elma and Kitty respectively.

    I love your bokeh shots – I was playing around with some cut outs at the weekend, but your have come out much better than mine – time to try again if ever there’s a spare minute!

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    I love your tree, it’s so beautiful. Ours isn’t up yet, mainly because we can’t get the cupboard with the decorations to open. It’s up in the loft and has been completely neglected all year and now the key has gone missing – guess that means getting a new tree. In Germany, we usually put our Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve, so much much later than over here. I actually was quite shocked that people put it up on 1st September when I first moved to the UK…
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