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Christmas Salt Dough Decorations

by Jessica Amey

I’m such a fan of salt dough.

It’s so easy to make and so much fun for kids (as well as adults!) to decorate.

If you don’t know how to make it then you just mix –

2 cups of flour

1 cup of water

1 cup of salt

together in a bowl, knead it, roll it, shape it and leave it to dry out. You can leave it to try naturally which can take a few days or do it in the oven on a very low heat. I put them in at about 100 degrees for a few hours. Be careful not to have the heat too high or it can make them bubble.

We ran out of white flour so had to use wholemeal for our second batch but it actually made them harder so it doesn’t matter what flour you use.

Last year we made Christmas Scented Salt Dough Decorations by adding cinammon and orange oil.

This year we stuck to plain dough.

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

We cut them into various shapes including four little people, one for each member of our family.

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

When they had dried I sealed them with Mod Podge to stop them absorbing water. Then we painted them with acrylic white paint before sprinkling glitter all over them.

We then brushed them with another layer of glue and glitter before sealing them again with Mod Podge.

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

After adding strings they were ready to be hung on the tree.

Salt Dough Decorations

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations


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