Vikings, Hot Air Balloons And Flower Gardens #Litt...

Vikings, Hot Air Balloons And Flower Gardens #LittleLoves


My to do list, it’s LONG!!


We watched the first two episodes of Vikings last weekend, it’s really good and the main guy is so attractive. I hate to say it but I think he’s hotter than Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy! It is quite violent though and there are three seasons so I’m not sure I want to get into it but Mr C really liked it so we will no doubt end up watching some at the weekends. That’s all I’ve watched though, life without telly is going so well, it’s been such a positive change for me.

Yesterday we also went to watch the balloons taking off at Bristol Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. It’s such a great event and completely free too. The kids loved it.



I found this floral playsuit at a vintage fair a few weeks ago, I love it but it’s not practical when you need a wee as you have to pretty much take it off!


I’m also making the most of wearing all my vintage summer skirts because there won’t be long until they need packing away. Sob.




I saw Jarrod Dickenson play on the Glastonbury Festival highlights and really liked the sound of him so I’ve been listening to his album a lot, also having a blast from the past and listening to the Kings Of Leon. I really love the way Cherry likes the same music as me, even if it’s songs she’s never heard before she will nod her head and really get into it. Listening to the Kings of Leon reminded me of when I saw them at Glastonbury Festival, they were so good.


We made these flower gardens out of Hama Beads, the kids each made their own and really enjoyed it.


The apples of the tree in our garden are reading for picking so I made a huge crumble or ‘cum ball’ as Tiger calls it. I make it with oats, ground almonds, maple syrup and coconut oil so it’s healthier that normal crumble and the kids love it, they eat two bowls every sitting.


I’ve also been helping Mr C ‘make’ his blog / website. This is his latest car project, it used to be a campervan but he took the back off and turned it into a pick-up truck. He’s also just about finished fixing his hot rod after the crash a few weeks ago so we are off to a hot rod show this weekend to showcase it.


And Lastly…

Last month Mr C got to do a track day at Donington Park thanks to Money Supermarket. They sent a film crew up and we got to see the video they made this week. I really love it, Mr C found it pretty difficult to watch himself on camera though, he avoids it usually but had to be interviewed for this! Now I’m trying to get him to let me film him talking about his car projects, he will be vlogging before we know it 😉


  1. Morgana

    7 August

    Loved that video! Bet he enjoyed it, well maybe not the filming bit! He did really well though.
    I’ve heard good things about Vikings, will have to put it on our list for after we’ve finished SOA.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Kerri-Ann

    7 August

    Sounds like a lovely week. I love the idea of the hot air balloons. I’m so sad about putting away all my skirts, hopefully not just yet although our summer definitely ends up in the north before yours! Have a lovely weekend x #littleloves

  3. I’ve been told to watch Vikings before (primarily because of the main guy’s hotness!) I might give it a go.

    Your pictures are dreamy this week, makes me want to be somewhere other than my work table! Loving the playsuit, though they are always annoying when it comes to toilet trips! xx

  4. Kerry

    7 August

    I get serious clothes envy every time I read your blog. You always look effortlessly lovely!

    I love a bit of Kings of Leon too, not listened to them in ages. I had to have a bit of a break after Sex on Fire was played all the time everywhere, for about a whole year.

    Didn’t know it was Apple time already. Good to know. I’ve promised the kids we’ll go apple picking on my friends farm this year xxx have a lovely weekend 🙂

  5. Anna-Marie

    7 August

    That truck is amazing! Was it originally the campervan you started to makeover for an office space? or is this a different campervan? Mr C is very clever! Love the Hama Bead garden, so cute! Have a wonderful weekend x

  6. Louisa

    7 August

    You should definitely stick with the Vikings. I’ve watched them all and it gets better and better. Apart from the fit lead I love his wife’s hair styles and have been trying to do some braids in a similar vein (but failing).
    Your apples look delicious. Apple crumble is my fav but I rely on Auntie Bessie for mine 🙂

  7. laura redburn

    7 August

    love that playsuit! and though i have a phobia of balloons (and heights) i like hot air balloons! ..though i’ve never been in one.

  8. I love these posts! Been collecting my own little loves to join in. Yeah, Laurence has been trying to get me into Vikings but I’ve been resistant because I’ve had enough violence while watching Game of Thrones. But I’ve decided not to watch GoT anymore, even when it comes out again. And apparently Vikings is less gratuitous than that anyway. Are you watching on Amazon Prime? If so, do check out Black Sails. I was utterly hooked. I really hope we see some balloons this weekend. We haven’t organised a game plan at all.

  9. Claire

    7 August

    Lots of lovely things! I thought the playsuit was a dress at first- it is gorgeous! I will go to the Balloon Festival one year! What a great video of you all at Donnington! Amazing! xxx

  10. I’m going to have to check Vikings out if you think this dude is hotter than Jax. And Mr C’s pick up is AMAZING!

  11. fritha

    7 August

    His pick up looks great and you and Cherry look so cool on it! I bet that’s a photo she will cherish when she’s older. The video is so brilliant, I showed Tom and he said how you both come across so well! x

  12. I love your playsuit (although I agree they’re a pain to get in and out of in a hurry) and your skirt are beautiful. Gorgeous photo of you and Cherry on the pick up truck. x

  13. Laura

    9 August

    One of my dreams is to have a garden with an apple tree in it – I would literally die happy if I could tick this one off (apples are literally my favourite thing to eat and just love them 🙂 Also really like your vintage playsuit and really wish we had come over to bristol for the Ballon festival – looks amazing

    Laura x

  14. Donna

    10 August

    It looks like you’re having such a great time at the moment. Like you I have a neverending to do this but adventures in the sun just keep getting in the way! 🙂
    Those apples look great and is it wrong that I sniggered at cum ball?! hehe. Your Mr is so handy with cars, that pick up is amazing! Have a lovely week x

  15. @SarahAnneDG

    10 August

    Hubs would love to have projects like Mr C. He’s dying to get an old 4×4 to work on. That pick-up is great!

    I love your idea for making a crumble healthier, I’m going to give it a try.


  16. Mel @mydaysni

    10 August

    My Mr C would not be pleased with your Mr C! Mine would love an old campervan to do up (though he couldn’t actually do it – but we are all allowed to dream)! The balloon festival looks great, as do you! Hope you are having a great week x

  17. Those flowers are just the best! LOVE X

  18. The Fiesta looks incredible! and your playsuit is gorgeous – I know what you mean about not practical for needing a wee! x

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