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An Alternative ‘Back To School’ Q And A With Cherry

by Jessica Amey

This September would have seen Cherry starting school but as readers of my blog will know she won’t be because we have decided to home educate. It’s a decision that is so completely right for us and I’m really enjoying our journey so far.

We decided to home educate a few months ago so have already started going to groups and meet ups but I thought it would be fun to ask Cherry some questions about learning…

What do you need for learning?

An eraser, a pen, paint, glitter and glue. Butterfly shapes and googly eyes. I could make a spider out of pipe cleaners and a web from string. You could also put glue tak (Blu Tak) on two ends of a bottle and stick pipe cleaners on for arms.

What do you need to eat when you are learning?

A healthy snack and sandwich.

What’s the best thing to wear when you are learning.

A dress with the world on it that tells you about getting money when you do work.

What do you want to do when you are older?

Well, I would like to find out about the earth then go on a rocket and ride on my horse. Gallop, gallop, gallop…

Do you like learning? Do you think it’s important?

I like learning and it’s important so we know about things. I want to learn for 20 years.

Do you think there should be a special time to learn or can you do it whenever you like?

Sometimes I want you to ask if I want to learn about something but sometimes when I’m on my own I like to learn all the time.

What’s your favourite thing to learn about?

I like learning about the body and when we made fire bubbles at our science class.

If you learn about not going near hot stuff then you won’t go near it.

Water is good for learning.

Do you like learning inside or outside?

Well, I liked the slime that we made outside.


What countries would you like to visit?

China and Africa.

What is the most important thing for a 4 year old to learn?

How to drive a car, quad bike and scooter.

What would you teach someone?

How to drive a car. (Mr C let her steer a car around a field at his workshop yesterday hence all the driving answers!)

I loved doing this and Cherry really enjoyed me asking her questions so we will definitely do it again. I especially loved her answer about a dress with the world on it!


John Lewis recently asked some children what they would put on their back to school list and made a little video of their answers. It’s definitely worth a watch, it’s so sweet hearing what children come out with!

Why don’t you try asking your kids what they would put on their back to school list?!

Collaborative post.



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