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10 Reasons to Visit Warner Bros Studios This Half Term

by Jessica Amey

I have to admit to not ever getting into Harry Potter, although I have learnt a lot about Daniel Radcliffe recently after listening to him being interviewed on Jonathan Ross last week followed by watching his amazing rap performance on a tv show in America, if you haven’t seen it yet then it’s def worth a watch!

Although I wasn’t in to it, my brother and sister were obsessed, as well as nearly everyone else I know! They started with the books then moved onto the films and then moved onto visiting the Warner Bros Studios and from what I’ve heard it’s amazing there.

If you’re wondering why you should visit then I have ten reasons for you:

1. Limited-time extras. Warner Bros. Studios are running a Hogwarts in the Snow exhibition this Christmas, starting on the 14th of November and running right through until the 1st of February.

2. A day out with the kids. It’s something exciting to do with the kids during half-term!

3. Costumes and props. Warner Bros. Studios has thousands of props and costumes from the Harry Potter films, and I for one am interested in seeing them. The Dark Arts exhibition features part of the Hallowe’en feast from the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and you also get to see Death Eaters up close and personal.

4. Wand combat. As an added bonus on the tour, the studio is offering kids the chance to take part in an interactive wand combat lesson, which sounds like great fun. Unfortunately, I might have to sit that one out and let the kids have a go…

5. Learn about the Dark Arts. Dark Arts are usually associated with evil, but they can be employed for good as well. Learn more about what the Dark Arts are, and you can use them to protect yourself if they are ever used against you.

6. Christmas shopping. The Warner Bros. gift shop is filled with great gift ideas for fans, and with Christmas fast approaching, this is a great opportunity to grab something to put in your little wizard’s stocking (and it’s sure to be appreciated more than one of Mrs. Weasley’s jumpers).

7. Learn more about the films. Although it costs a little bit extra (£4.95), you can learn more about the making of the Harry Potter films using handheld digital guides. The footage contains secrets to special effects, behind-the-scenes footage and facts about the sets, costumes and props. It really brings the magical experience to life.

8. Taste butterbeer. Have you ever wondered what butterbeer tastes like? Well now you can find out – and it’s non-alcoholic, so the kids can try it, too.

9. Ride a broomstick. What fan wouldn’t want to experience the magic of filmmaking first-hand with a broomstick ride?

10. Satisfy your morbid curiosity. There’s something about the human psyche that gives us a morbid curiosity and thirst for stories about ghost and ghouls.

I have to say after reading all this it does sound rather fun!

Do you love Harry Potter?

For more information about the Harry Potter Experience, visit the Warner Brothers Studio website.


Post in association with Warner Bros.

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