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5 Ways To Keep Your Family Entertained This Summer

by Jessica Amey

Thanks to James Goldsmith for writing this article. As well as running children’s tuition company, The Eleven Plus Tutors in Essex, James also writes extensively on both general parenting and educational issues.

Summer is a great time of year. Not only does the sun shine, but the days are a lot longer. It is hard not to be positive and happy when the weather is so lovely. It’s also a particularly wonderful time for families. It means that kids, and grown-ups for that matter, are not cooped up inside their homes. You can get out and about, in the fresh air and feel like you are stuck indoors.

Not sure what to do this summer? Well, we are here to help. We present to you 5 awesome ways that you can not only keep your little ones entertained this summer, but also make sure that you spend lots of quality time together too.


When you are a child, there is nothing more fascinating than the world around you. Particularly in summer, when it seems that there are glorious bugs and creatures just crawling around. Why not encourage your kids to embrace a touch of the natural world and get them to fill out a bug checklist? You can even encourage them to be a bit of a nature detective, with a magnifying glass and a jar to collect all the amazing things that they have found.


We all like being out and about in the sunshine, however, if the weather is a little bit too warm for your little ones, then you may want to head inside for a bit. Something new and exciting that they can try indoors is learning a musical instrument. Not only is this great fun, but it is creative too. There are also lots of different instruments that they can learn. You can either decide to let them learn under their own steam, or perhaps arrange lessons for them instead.


It may sound simple, but getting outside and building a den is great fun. Kids love nothing more than being a bit wild and getting mucky, which means that this is ideal for them. If you do decide to create a den, then you will need some raw materials for this. But ultimately these don’t cost too much to buy.


Think that your little one would really enjoy taking some pictures? Why not give them a summer project and let them loose with a camera. The great thing about summer is that there is plenty around to take photos of, including animals and plants. Which means that they will never run out of ideas for things to snap. They can even create their own summer photo album, packed full of great memories.


Another simple, yet effective idea is to have a family picnic. Not only is it great fun to eat outside together, but you can also get the kids involved with prepping the food too. You can also ask them to think of some fun outdoor games that you can all play together. We all love to spend together as a family, no matter the season. However, there is something really special about summer. Whether it is a beautiful evening walk, a chance to get out there and explore or simply a reason to all sit together in the sunshine, you are sure to have the best time if you do it together as a family!


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