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Festival Fashion For Men

by Jessica Amey

Guest Post

Festival season has arrived and although men don’t usually put as much thought into what clothes to take as women, by packing carefully you can make sure that you don’t take too much and that you still have everything you need.

What to pack…

Most festivals take place during the summer months, so shorts like the ones you can buy here, are an essential. This retailer sells them in sizes 30 to 62, in styles that look good on both men and women, so you are bound to find a pair that you like.

It also makes sense to pack a pair of trousers. You are going to need them in the evenings. Make sure that they are big enough to be pulled on over the top of your shorts during the day, should it get a bit nippy.

T-shirts are the best option for a music festival. They look great and keep you cool when you are dancing. Plus, they can easily be rolled up and stowed in your bag. However, you really should pack at least one long sleeved shirt or blouse.

It is also wise to pack a lightweight jumper or cardigan. For a festival, a good option is a 100% cotton sweatshirt style top, especially the type that has a built in hood.

Even during the middle of the summer, you are going to need a coat. Ideally, it needs to be lightweight, so you can put it in your bag when you do not need it. Try to buy one that is waterproof, and wind resistant.

If you want to wear a specific jacket that is not water resistant you can investigate the option of waterproofing it using a specialist spray. These sprays do work, but cannot be used on all materials. You also have to bear in mind that they may change the colour of your clothes slightly.

Another option is to take a set of lightweight waterproofs with you. They may not look great, but being able to stay dry will make a huge difference to how much you enjoy yourself, should it rain.

A surprisingly high number of people end up suffering from sunstroke at music festivals. The best way to stop this happening to you is to wear a hat or cap, stay hydrated and take several breaks from the sun, during the day. You can find a large range of men’s hats here, including men’s wool hats.

At a festival you are going to be on your feet all day, and doing a lot of walking. So, comfortable footwear is essential. Style is a consideration, but comfort is more important. It is always worth taking a pair of cheap wellies with you, just in case it rains.

Regardless of what time of the year you go to a music festival, you can never be 100% sure what the weather is going to do. As a result, you need to go prepared for all conditions. There really is nothing worse than wading through mud in a pair of sandals. It is best to dress in layers. That way you can adapt what you are wearing to the conditions, and the activity that you are enjoying.

If you have not booked your music festival tickets yet, there are still plenty you could attend. You can find a list of the best European festivals by clicking this link.


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