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Shopkins World Vacation Review

by Jessica Amey

The kids were recently sent a surprise package from Shopkins to promote the new movie ‘Shopkins World Vacation’, they were so excited about this, Cherry especially who is a big Shopkins fan.

Unlike a lot of toys these days I do get the appeal of Shopkins, I loved collecting things when I was little and I guess I can understand the appeal because I would have loved them as a child. Cherry has been collecting them for quite a long time now, she wanted the first Shopkins bus for Christmas a couple of years ago and had the second one for her birthday last year. She also has a few Shoppies as she was desperate for them when they came out.

She’s never actually seen a Shopkins movie before though so was excited to watch Shopkins World Vacation.

shopkins world vacation movie

We were sent the new Shoppie ‘Jessicake’ who features in the movie which she was very excited about, all her friends have Shoppies too so they have been playing games with them in her room over the last few days.

She loved the movie, even Tiger enjoyed watching it. There are songs and lots of the Shopkins appear in it, I think it’s nice for them to see them come to life when they’ve been playing with them for so long. We are actually going on our own vacation in a few days too so the travel theme has fitted in perfectly. We are saving the magazine, colouring book and activity book for the aeroplane.

shopkins world vacation toys

We made a little video of the kids unboxing the surprise package, there was a lot of excitement, I especially love the part where Cherry found the sparkly guitar!

Thanks to Shopkins for working with us on this blog post, you can visit their website to find lots of fun activities for kids.

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