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Why It’s Easier Than Ever To Be Vegan

by Jessica Amey

Thanks to Stephanie Broster for writing this post.

For too long being vegan was a tough challenge. Not only were vegans widely mocked as being perceived as living off nothing but lentils, but finding vegan produce in restaurants and supermarkets was also incredibly difficult.

Thankfully it seems that the tide is turning with helpful food blogs, stylish vegan food outlets, and even a few ethically aware retailers helping us stay fully fuelled without harming our planet.

As a result we’ve seen a 360% rise in veganism in the UK in the past decade. And it’s not just super-fit athletes like Novak Djokovic who are helping spread the word about the benefits of this lifestyle choice, as even influential celebrities like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande have helped make veganism cool amongst millennials.

Not only is it more socially acceptable to adopt a diet that doesn’t harm animals, but it’s become so much easier to enjoy a varied vegan diet too. Fantastic vegan cafes like The Planet are just part of how this healthy eating habit is slowly starting to take over our high streets, and it’s clear that vegan choices are part of what many people look for when they choose a place to eat.

It’s also been good to see how even vegetarian food products like Quorn on our supermarket shelves are starting to make the extra effort to include vegan options so that we can enjoy the surreal but delicious experience of eating a vegan breaded chicken fillet!

As a result many of our supermarkets have started expanding the food choices for vegan tastes. Whilst health food shops were once something of a niche choice, it seems that they are now influencing some of the UK’s biggest food retail brands.

But perhaps the greatest change about the way veganism is perceived is the fact that it’s the combined efforts of many individuals who are getting on social media and blogs to share their experiences about the benefits of this lifestyle.

From fun and friendly vegan recipe websites like Oh She Glows to some of the food articles featured on the Deliveroo blog, it’s all about coming together to show how we don’t need to eat meat to enjoy active and healthy lives.

And whilst the ethical benefits of veganism are obvious, it can never be overstated how much better our bodies feel by making the switch away from a meat-based diet too!

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