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20 Questions To Ask Your Children

by Jessica Amey

Collaborative post

Mr C and I were watching some old videos the other night, Cherry must have been about two and it was amazing to look back and remember what she was like at that age. Once they start talking properly you forget just how adorable it was when they had just learnt to do it, the way only you could understand what some of the noises meant and the high pitched little tone they used to say everything. Changes happens so gradually that you don’t notice¬†them until you look back. I think that’s why recording memories is so important, I generally don’t go too mad as it’s not like any of us will want to spend years watching old footage and looking through old photos in the future but to be able to look back and remember things that we otherwise wouldn’t is a really special thing.

In the photo below I will be reminded of how Tiger always had clothes that were too big for him (the hat is Mr C’s!) and how he loved drawing on his face with pens!

As well as videos and photos it’s also nice to get an idea of the things that they were thinking at that point in time, there are lots of questions you can ask your kids and I know that some people do it on their children’s birthdays so they can see how the answers differ from year to year. I haven’t actually done it with the kids before but when Shepherds Friendly got in touch with a sheet of questions they had put together I thought I would give it a go.

I don’t think Tiger understood some of the questions as he’s a bit young but I wanted to ask him anyway, his reply to the marriage and children question made me laugh! And the way he said he’s not scared of anything and nothing makes him sad! I’m not sure that’s quite true ūüėČ


If you would like to give it a go then the sheet is available to download on the Shepherds Friendly website, once you’ve filled it out you can take a photo of it and tag it #ShepherdsTwenty¬† to see how other children answered.

Thanks to Shepherds Friendly Society for providing us with this activity, they offer a range of saving plans for children including a junior isa.

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