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Preparing Your Bathroom For When Guests Come To Stay

by Jessica Amey

Given that our house is tiny (with no spare room) we don’t really have people to stay, with the exception of Matt’s mum who has to sleep on our sofa. So when Victoria Plum asked my how I prepared my bathroom for guests coming to stay the only thing that came to mind was to give it a really good clean.

Our bathroom is tiny and after fitting a bath last year we never got around to boxing it in, it’s on Matt’s lists of jobs but who knows how long that will take! As a result it looks half finished and not at all ready for guests, just as well we don’t have room for any to come and stay!

In my dream world we would have a guest room with an en-suite for guests, and keep it for adults only so it wouldn’t be covered in bath toys and dirty socks! Actually I take back the dirty socks part, Matt is as bad as the kids when it comes to leaving dirty socks on the bathroom floor!

Victoria Plum have put together this article on how to get a 5-star look for your bathroom at home, I absolutely love the look of the bathrooms with two baths, or the bath by the huge window with an amazing view to look at. Baths are my most favourite thing, I have one every evening to chill out after a day with the kids, being able to do it whilst looking out at the world would mean I’d be in there for hours.

This is The Silo in Cape Town and you can see Table Mountain in the background, wow!

The blog post is here and as well as showing you five amazing hotel bathrooms it also lets you shop the look, from floor tiles and paint to baths and toilets. Now I really want to redo my bathroom!

Thanks to Victoria Plum for working with me on this post. 

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