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A Snotty, Coughy Christmas

by Jessica Amey

Well Christmas in our house is officially over and I am about to take the tree down. I know traditionally it should be left up until January but I’m always sick of it by Boxing Day and as our living room isn’t very big I prefer to just get it out the way and start afresh early.

Plus New Years Eve is basically a non-event when you have kids. Last year we sat up reading dishwasher reviews until 10.30pm then decided to go to bed instead of force ourselves to stay up and be tired the next day (rock and roll!). So I am already planning for next year and looking forward to the Summer, let’s hope we have as much nice weather as we did last year.

It has been an enjoyable Christmas but no more enjoyable than any other day we spend as a family. Cherry hasn’t been very well and as a result didn’t really enjoy herself very much. I think that affected how we felt about it all as seeing your children excited would make it feel special but she couldn’t have cared less and I’m not really too sure if it’s because she was ill or just because she doesn’t get the whole thing!

We took her to see Father Christmas and she didn’t like him at all, in fact I think that’s why she said no when asked if she wanted to come down and see if Father Christmas had been. I think she was expecting to find a weird old man in her living room and let’s face it, that is a totally creepy idea.

I will always try and make it exciting for the kids but I do always come away feeling like the whole thing is totally odd.

I hate the whole ‘make time for your loved ones at Xmas’ thing, I mean surely you should make time for them all year round?!

I hate the fact there is an app that shows where Santa has already delivered presents to, there were countries on there that were ticked off even though the children there clearly weren’t going to be getting any presents, and most of them would rather food and water over a plastic, overpriced piece of crap anyway.

I think telling your children that Santa brings presents is weird too, what’s it supposed to teach them? Telling them that Mummy and Daddy have worked hard all year to buy them some nice toys is surely going to teach them more than the idea of an old man dropping them through the chimney?

Anyway I’m not a total Scrooge and yes Christmas is an enjoyable and fun time. I think I like the build-up to it far more than the actual day though.

Anyway I will stop ranting!

Here are a few photos from the day.


DSC_2746 (2)




DSC_2791 (2)

Did you all have a good Christmas?!

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