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Christmas in the Caves

by Jessica Amey

Last weekend, a few days before Christmas, we realised we hadn’t been anywhere particularly festive (other than our local garden centre) so we made an impulse decision to visit Santaland at some local caves.

I only really did it because I felt a bit mean for not taking to her to see a Father Christmas but she was terrified of him!

Unless she expresses a real interest next year I don’t think I will bother taking her to see him again and if I do, it will be a different one. The price they charge here is ridiculous, we lied about her age because otherwise they would have charged full adult price which was £12.50. They even made us pay for J, he’s a baby and he was asleep!

Plus when you get in there it’s in a tiny little booth with a camera in your face so you then feel forced into paying £8 for a photo!! I didn’t feel forced, plus Cherry wouldn’t have posed for a photo with him in a million years but I bet they make a fortune. Especially as they had five booths with a Santa in!

So the Father Christmas part was disappointing but luckily there was another part to the day which was the tour of the caves.

Wookey Hole Caves

We had to queue up for about ten minutes before entering and were all starting to get a bit bored but the wait was worth it as they are pretty amazing.


They had put fairy lights all around the caves and on the way round you were met by a fairy, Snow White and Scrooge to have the caves history explained to you.









It was good for me to practise using the manual settings on my camera too as it was so dark in there. My photos don’t really do it justice but it was awesome!

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