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Under Stairs Storage Ideas: An Office

by Jessica Amey

Turning an under stairs storage area into an office…

Now there are four of us living in a two bedroom house it’s becoming a bit cramped so we need to try and use every bit of space as well as we can.

 One thing we really need is an office space. Our caravan renovation project hasn’t been moving very fast over the Winter so we came up with the idea of turning our understairs cupboard into a little office, a VERY little office!

All we need in there is a desk and some storage so we don’t need a huge space.

Here are the before photos…

Office Under Stairs

We cleared it out, Mr C laid some laminate flooring and I painted it.

Then we started looking at furniture that would fit. We looked at a range of desks, filing cabinets and storage units before deciding on a white desk with some shelves and a drawer built in.

Now we need to buy some more storage boxes for all our craft materials and an office chair.

Then we need to stick the fairy lights to the ceiling, put some pin boards up and have a good sort out in there before taking photos to show you the end result.

How do you make the best use of the space in your house?

If we had more spare rooms then I would love a cinema room, obviously you would need it to be sound proof so you could have speakers with good sound without disturbing your kids, or neighbours when you’re having a movie night. This is where af-acoustics.com come in, they are specialists and will fill your walls with material so the they will be sound proof.

What do you do with your under stairs storage space?

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