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Autumn Breaks For Families With Oliver’s Travels

by Jessica Amey

Having an autumn break can be a really great way to stop yourself from feeling sad about the summer ending and to relax before the Christmas season starts but the tricky part is to decide whether to stay at home or go abroad. England can be absolutely beautiful in the autumn, and we can even have lots of sun but for me I think I would always choose to go abroad as the older I get, the less able I am to deal with the cold so that extra bit of warmth you get in Europe is very appealing.

In fact this time three years ago we were in Spain, Mr C’s mum has a house over there and it was lovely and warm. I was pregnant with Tiger and Cherry was nearly two, it’s crazy how quickly the time has gone. I love Spain, we actually moved out there for a while before having kids but surprisingly ended up missing England. I think back then it was because we were still really into going out with out friends and found it a bit isolating over there, not sure we would have that problem now. I would love to move somewhere warmer, I think the language barrier would be the only issue these days. We had planned to learn Spanish but it’s really hard unless you are put into a situation where you have no choice. All we learnt how to ask for was beer!


We haven’t been abroad since then and don’t have any plans to in the near future but that doesn’t stop me imagining my dream holiday. Oliver’s Travels have some gorgeous villa holidays that are suitable for families and today I’m going to share three villas from both the UK and Spain that look like they would make the perfect family holiday destination.

My 1st pick from the UK is The Victorian Rectory. It’s got an Aga, heated outdoor swimming pool, open fireplaces and is located in The Cotswolds which is a stunning location, one of my favourite areas in the UK. You can also hire a chef during your stay to really make it feel like a holiday. The table can seat up to 10 so great for a large group. Situated in two acres of gardens so lots of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors but if the weather is awful then the media room inside should keep everyone entertained!


Next up is Seashell Manor in Cornwall. The view is one of the reasons I picked this, it’s so beautiful. The house itself looks so bright and spacious, has 4 bedrooms as well as 3 bathrooms and there is private parking for up to three cars. I can’t imagine a much better scenario then sitting in the garden with a drink looking out to the sea.


Mill Bay Barn is also in Cornwall and looks like a great place to go with some friends as it’s large and has lots of entertainment rooms. I love the sound of the sun room where you can play games whilst enjoying the views across the meadow. There are 4 bedrooms plus a sofa bed in the den so has the room to sleep lots of people.


My 1st pick from Spain is Casa Orquidea. It has 6 bedrooms and a swimming pool as well as tennis courts but let’s face it, if the sun is shining where else would you want to be than lying right next to the pool? If you did want to venture out though then it’s only 4 km from the beach as well as being near a good range of attractions such as water parks, golf parks etc. The weekly price of this villa is really affordable too, especially if you were sharing with another family.


Villa Los Suenos de Alexia is in Ibiza and situated in a pine forest and only a five minute drive from Cala Jondal beach. The infinity pool looks like such an amazing place to sit and take in the scenery.


Then my last pick is Xico Cortijo, this farmhouse style house looks really spacious as well as being cosy. The outdoor area looks fab and there is lots of space for people to sleep.

I would absolutely love to take my family to any of these villas for a holiday, in fact those sun loungers are calling me and I will struggle to get them out of my mind on this rainy morning!

Oliver’s Travels have so many gorgeous villas on their site, located all around Europe as well as further afield like The Caribbean. They also a ski section which you might want to check out given that we are headed towards ski season. They also have a wedding section which I will be bookmarking 😉

They now have over 200 properties listed and each of them have been handpicked so you know they are all going to meet the same high standards. You can find properties to meet all kind of budgets too ranging from £400 a week right up to over £10,000 a week. In fact the most expensive one I came across was this villa in the Cote d’Azur, costing £275,000 a week this villa comes with £1 million of diamonds to wear, a personal entourage and a helicopter ride!

On a serious note though, if you are looking for a villa to stay in then I would definitely recommend taking a look, I hadn’t heard of them before but am going to be bookmarking.

Where would you choose to go on an autumn break, UK or abroad?

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