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Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

by Jessica Amey

As I write this I am on holiday in Cornwall staying at Bosinver, I have a full review coming up soon but I will say that we are a tiny bit in love with it here and never want to leave. One of the reasons being that the cottage is so much nicer that our actual home. It has a conservatory, large open plan kitchen / dining area / living room and two bathrooms, both of which are about double the size of our tiny one at home.

Bathroom ideas are always catching my attention because ours is my least favourite room in my house but in reality it’s the size of it that’s the issue and there isn’t much we can do about that. I’m kind of dreading Tiger toilet training because then I will no doubt have two children needing a poo just as I get into a nice relaxing bath!

One thing we don’t have that I would really love is a shower. I am used to only having a bath and if I could only choose one then it would be a bath as I find them so relaxing but I do love showers too, especially in the summer.

This is a rather random selection of bathroom ideas that I would love to incorporate into my dream bathroom, well apart from the brightly coloured one second up from the bottom, that doesn’t really fit in with the theme of the rest but I love the bright colours so had to include it.

Ideally I would love a white bathroom with white wooden floors then loads of colour in the form of vintage sinks and brightly coloured random tiles.

1 – I love the sink and white tiles in this bathroom.

2 – I love the simplicity of this shower, although Mr C did point out there was no mixer tap so I’m guessing it’s either too hot or freezing! It looks cool though.

3 – The pink sink and windows made this bathroom appeal to me.

4 – I love this white bathroom, especially the wooden floors and shutters.

5 – I think this colourful bathroom featured by SF Girl By Bay looks great, love the colours.

6 – Love the colour of this vintage sink.

7 – I would use tiles like these to brighten up my white bathroom.

8 – I’m in love with this photo and all these sinks, I want them all!

9 – And lastly, everyone needs a toilet paper holder that looks like a camera!

I could spend so long finding bathroom ideas, it’s one of the rooms that I care most about. One of the houses lived in had an enormous bathroom, bigger than our bedroom at the moment, there was even room for a sofa which was pretty cool. I would love to have a bath next to a huge window overlooking the countryside too.

If you need any bathroom furniture ideas then Homebase have a huge range for bathrooms of all sizes!

What would your dream bathroom look like?

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