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Fun DIY Wood Projects For The Home And Garden

by Jessica Amey

Wood is such a great resource and has so many uses.

From fire to books and everything in-between there is so much you can do with it.

Here are some fun DIY wood projects that I love the look of.


1 – This armchair featured on Home-Dzine is such a clever idea and they also have a sofa to match. I would love it with bright floral fabric on the cushions.

2 – This bench by Frau Haselmayer so bright and colourful and I would love one for my garden.

3 – These teepees are made from wooden pallets are look fab.

4 – I love this wooden pretend supermarket featured on Nido. I used to love playing shops with my sister when I was little, we would have loved this!

5 – This playhouse has also been made with wooden pallets.

6 – This outdoor seating area has also been made from old wooden pallets then painted, I need to find some!

7 – This bed frame featured by SF Girl By Bay is such a simple idea but I love it.

There is also this wooden rocker by Ramblings From The Burbs which I forgot to add to my collage but couldn’t not mention as it’s awesome. She dyed the wood bright colour with food colouring and it looks amazing.

There are so many DIY wood projects out there, I need to get Mr C to teach me how to cut / drill / screw so I can start making things myself.

Another use for wood that I haven’t mentioned yet is flooring, so many people have wooden floors such as solid oak flooring in their houses these days and given that more people are also living in houses made of wood it is getting to the stage where you could live in a house entirely constructed and furnished with wood.

I love log cabins and would be more than happy to live in one!

Do you have any wood projects on the go or in the pipeline?

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