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A Bedroom Makeover With Valspar Paint

by Jessica Amey

When we moved into our new house there were a few jobs that I wanted to sort out urgently, one of them being the bright pink wall in our bedroom. It was so bright and horrible, the rest of the room really needed brightening up too, the door and skirting boards were cream and there was a big grey patch on the wall for some reason. We think it had something to do with the chimney coming up from the fire in the living room but that was just a guess. The floorboards also needed brightening up.



It was around this time that Mumsnet has contacted me about transforming a room in my home with Valspar paint so I of course opted for this one. I decided to do it all white to make the room feel light and airy, Valspar paint can be scrubbed which means that although it was white, I didn’t have to worry too much about it getting dirty. In the three months since I’ve painted it I’ve had to scrub the walls a few times, mainly when the kids would come in and put their dirty feet all over the wall by our bed!!

I had to admit that I usually only buy the cheapest paint so the difference in quality was huge, Valspar paint is so thick meaning you don’t have to give the wall five coats, something I did have to do in the downstairs rooms of my house. I went into B and Q to speak to one of their experts and also learnt a lot about how to paint a room properly. The prep work is essential, my worst job, but something I now make sure I do. And it turns out that you really do need a different paint for the skirting boards, I had been using the same paint beforehand, although I blame Mr C for that advice!

Here is the room now the walls are painted, I should probably point out that the room isn’t finished. It’s got a random selection of furniture in it right now and I’m still waiting for Mr C to finish the bedframe he decided to make about four months ago but I think it looks SO much better.



Here is the video Mumsnet made of our experience using the paint…


Thanks to Mumsnet and Valspar for asking me to be part of this campaign, I was financially compensated for the video but wasn’t asked to write this blog post.

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