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I Can’t Believe I Won!

by Jessica Amey

On Friday night I was sitting on the sofa all prepared for a very boring evening.

Mr C was out getting ready to go away to a car show and there was nothing on telly, I think it felt even more boring because I knew there was a huge blog event being held in London that I couldn’t attend due to the operation I had a couple of weeks ago.

Part of that blog event was the announcement of the BiB‘s, the blog awards that I was a finalist in.

I was following them on Twitter for a little while but I as I wasn’t expecting to win I decided to go and have a bath instead.

Then when I got out and checked my phone I was greeted with a huge number of texts congratulating me.

Shocked doesn’t even cover it!

I was so overwhelmed and as I read all the messages congratulating me I did actually shed a few tears.

It honestly means so much to me, my love of crafting has really taken off over this last year and to be recognised for it makes me so happy.

I really wish I could have been there to celebrate my win, although I honestly think I would have passed out having to get up and speak in front of that many people, thank you so much to my lovely friend Fritha who went up to collect it for me!

And thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for me!!

If you enjoy my craft posts then don’t forget to come and follow me over on Let’s Do Something Crafty.

I will still be doing crafts posts on Along Came Cherry but that is where most of it will be.

Here are a couple of posts of what we’ve been up to over there lately. Stick Flags and Tassel Decorations

stick flags

tassel decorations

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