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A Day At The Beach In January 2015

by Jessica Amey

Last January we spent a day at the beach and were surprised at how warm it was, we even managed to eat ice-cream.

So last weekend when I saw the forecast was sunny I planned to visit the same beach, only it wasn’t quite as warm this time.

In fact it was absolutely FREEZING!!

It was still nice to get some fresh sea air though.

beach 2


beach 3

beach 4

beach 6

beach 8

beach 7

The photo above makes me laugh as it’s generally what happens every time we try and take a photo, trying to get three people posing for the camera is pretty much impossible.

As nice as it was though I am still desperate for spring and some warmer weather, I just don’t find it very enjoyable to be outside cold to the bone.

How do you find the cold weather?

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