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New Year’s Eve City Celebration Cardboard Play Scene

by Jessica Amey

This New Year’s Eve city celebration play scene also works well for other special occasions like fireworks night. It’s a great way of combining a craft activity with something that can be kept and played with. It doesn’t cost much to make either as uses a lot of things that you usually have lying around the house.

You will need:
– Cardboard
– Paper cups
– Glitter
– PVA glue
– Pipe cleaners
– Glue dots
– Cocktail sticks
– Yarn
– Tape

Bostik Jan

We made the pipe cleaner fireworks by painting them with glue and sprinkling with glitter. Cherry also covered the cups in glitter because she’s a bit obsessed with it. We made little holes in the top of the cup to stick the pipe cleaners through.

Fireworks Pie Cleaners

Then we made the buildings out of cardboard and painted them. There are two sides folded back allowing them to stand up. I cut the triangles out and used the glue dots to stick them to the back.

Cardboard New Year's Eve Scene

The fireworks on top of the houses were made by taping strings of yarn around a tooth pick. We stuck them on to the back of the houses also using the Bostik Glue Dots.

Firework cardboard house scene

And that gives you the New Year’s Eve city celebration play scene.

Happy New Year Firework Scene

city celebration new years eve play scene

Whilst I was doing the parts Cherry couldn’t she made a picture with the materials. I know it just looks like a bunch of random things stuck on a piece of paper (it is!) but she went into such detail explaining what all the parts were, I love seeing her so happy. She can sit happily for hours doing things like this.

Glitter picture

Some of the craft supplies for this project were provided by Bostik.

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