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Dividing Up The Kid’s Bedroom

by Jessica Amey

We’ve only ever lived in 2 bedroom houses which means the kids have always shared a room, up until recently this wasn’t a problem but we have now reached a point where I feel they would really benefit from having their own space. Cherry is going to be 8 this year! How did that happen?! And Tiger will be 6 on his next birthday.

Luckily their bedroom is huge so we have a few options, originally we were going to built a stud wall and properly split the room but then this morning, after working out the cost to do that, we decided to go for a cheaper & easier option. We found these fab room dividers that you can just pressure fit to the floor and ceiling and they are only £57 each so we’ve ordered three of those. They also have slats in which will be great for still letting the light through. Although both sides will have a window, the one on Cherry’s side will be bigger so it will be good for Tiger to get a bit of extra light.

And they are unfinished so you can paint them any colour you like.

We ordered them this morning so they should be here in a few days and I cannot wait, I feel like it will be so nice for the kids to have their own little space. Obviously it’s not a long-term solution but should give us a few more years before we need to look at moving house. And at least it saves all the work and money involved in properly splitting the room.

I actually had a dream last night that we were about to buy my dream home, it had massive rooms and there were loads of spare rooms so I could have one as my craft room and the kids had a playroom. One day, one day 😉

Another room that really needs some work in our house is our bathroom, we desperately need to put some floor down in there as floorboards in a bathroom aren’t a very good idea when you have little boys, I won’t go into anymore details on that!! I’m currently in the process of painting it and we really need to get a new light in there as the bulb keeps flashing when you turn it on (it’s not a normal bulb so I don’t know how to change it!, it’s been like it for ages now, funny given that Matt used to be an electrician!! We need to check out a range of LED bathroom lights as the one in there now is horrible so we may as well change the whole fitting.

I will do a before and after of the kids bedroom when the dividers arrive for anyone who is interested in a temporary room split!

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