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Dreaming of a Mis-Matched Kitchen

by Jessica Amey

Dreaming of a mis-matched kitchen.

I’ve mentioned before about how I don’t really have a set style when it comes to fashion or home decor.

I change my mind all the time about things I like and I know for a fact that no matter how much I like something to start with within a year or two I will want something different.

I do know that I don’t like things to be too matching or perfect though. I could never stick to one colour scheme or style, especially in the kitchen where I love to collect random plates and cups from charity shops.

1 – I love the table in this kitchen, I keep asking Mr C to make one like it which means in about ten years he might get around to it 😉

2 – I like the way this kitchen is really bright and I like the open plan layout, I love the way you can sit on the sofa and see who’s cooking. I would love to replace the kitchen worktops in my own kitchen. These splashbacks by Simply Plastics would also be great for keeping the area clean, the grout surrounding tiles can get all grubby but that wouldn’t be an issue with this.

3 – I absolutely love this room, it’s so hectic and I just showed Mr C who said it was horrific but I think it’s fab.

4 – I really want a huge display of vintage cups and crockery, just like these.

5 – I hadn’t thought of having mis-matched cutlery until I saw this but now I want it!

6 – I really want a selection of random chairs too, painted in different colours, a bit like these.

I’ve been planning to paint our dining room table for a while so think I might start with the chairs…

I would also like to take the wallpaper off our bedroom wall, it’s got a raised swirly pattern on it which I hate.

Oh and I wouldn’t mind making it double the size, that’s not too much to ask is it?!

How would you describe your style?

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