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Christmas Wreath Decorating With Laura Ashley

by Jessica Amey

Last Wednesday I went up to Bristol for a morning of Christmas Wreath decorating with Laura Ashley.

The event was organised by Lori who did a great job of keeping us all on track and making sure we didn’t just stand around chatting and eating cake. We met in the Mockingbird cafe, Clifton which was the perfect setting. It’s so light in there and they do serve some wonderful food and drink, I went for a huge muffin as they are a favourite of mine but they were also serving buttermilk cookies with egg / bacon in, these were a bit like scones and they looked amazing.

Christmas Wreath Making with Laura Ashley

The Christmas wreath making kits we used are by Laura Ashley and are on offer at the moment, reduced from £40 to £21. They come with lots of festive decorations but as I’m a non-traditional kind of person I decided to add some pom poms and feathers.

Laura Ashley Wreath Decorating Set

Pom Pom Wreath

Christmas Wreath

It was lovely to see Fritha, Adele and Laura and to meet Laura and Lottie.

Xmas Wreath Decorating

Christmas Wreath with Pom Poms and Feathers

finished pom pom wreath

Lloyds Flowers had provided us with some gorgeous flowers to style our finished wreaths with, I have to add that product styling is definitely not my strong point!! And I wasn’t quite brave enough to stand on a chair to take a photo from above so here is a side shot instead.

Xmas Wreath

It was such a fun morning and I’ve been feeling incredibly festive ever since!

And on the subject of Christmas, our tree is being delivered by Pines and Needles in 11 days!! Very exciting and if you would like to order one then I have a code which will entitle you to a free gift. All you have to do is enter CHER14 at the checkout.

Thank you to Laura Ashley, Lori, Lloyds Flowers and the Mockingbird Cafe for provided us with everything we needed for our Christmas wreath making morning.

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