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Eating Clean And Sewing Chickens #LittleLoves

by Jessica Amey


I’ve been reading through my old blog posts this week as they all had missing images and broken links to my old blog. Cringe is the only word I can use to describe it!! I can’t believe the things I used to blog about, I might have even deleted a few as I couldn’t risk anyone ever coming across them 😉


Again I’ve watched a fair old load of telly, there was a programme on about the mafia on Monday which was really interesting and we also watched a show we recorded last week about the world’s most extreme diets. There was a guy who was 115 and still walking around doing things for himself and exercising, it was amazing. Apparently he had never over eaten, never smoked, never drank any alcohol and stuck to a diet of fish with fruit and vegetables. Not a way many of us could live these days but it was definitely interesting to know how if you look after your body and have good genes then it is possible to still be active at such an old age.


I thought I would wear something other than one of my faux fur coats on Sunday morning, I do love them but I’m getting a bit sick of wearing coats all the time so thought I would get my leather jacket out instead. I do love an entire outfit of black, it used to be all I wore but I have got a bit more adventurous with colour these days!



I love this song by Sia, I can still remember her from when she sung with Zero 7 but I love her new songs. The girl who does the dancing is so ridiculously talented too, she’s going to be a huge star (if you haven’t seen it then watch the official video as it’s amazing).


My healthy eating plan is still going well and I haven’t been missing sugar at all, although I am getting through a fair few of the coconut and cacao balls I mentioned last week!

I came across this recipe when Polly featured it on her blog and thought it looked delicious so gave it a go and it’s now one of my favourite meals. It’s Mexican quinoa and you can find the recipe over on Damn Delicious.

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset

I’ve also been using my slow cooker a lot more, it’s so useful for creating a meal out of nothing. Yesterday I added all the old veg out of my fridge, some spices, chickpeas, stock and coconut milk and it resulted in this curry which was really yummy. Although I did learn never to let the coconut milk boil, it split and looked awful but luckily after thickening it up with some flour I managed to rescue it!


We also tried out the Fimo that we’ve had in our drawer for ages but I think it was too old as it was really hard to work with. Cherry enjoyed it though.


We also made these chickens and a new home ed group on Monday. We are off to a science group to see how lungs work, they have some real ones apparently!


And Lastly…

I’ve started making little vlogs and I’m trying to build up my Youtube channel, I love finding new people to follow so leave me your username below and I will go over and find you 🙂

Oh and also, I blogged yesterday about how we are going to be Konfidence Swimologists this year, I have a giveaway running for a £50 voucher so if you wanted to enter you can do so here.




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