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Sunnies All Year Round

by Jessica Amey

I’m a huge fan of wearing sunglasses. I can’t handle the sun in my eyes when I don’t have any on and in the summer I get so used to wearing them that even when it’s cloudy I find it too bright.

I keep two cheap pairs in my car just in-case I forget to take my proper ones. There is nothing worse than trying to drive without them, especially in winter when the sun is really low in the sky.

Glasses Direct recently asked me if I would like to review a pair of glasses from their London Retro collection and I happily agreed.

sunglasses 2


Glasses Direct offer a free home trial service which is great as it means you can try your glasses (up to four pairs) before you commit to buying them. They are sent out to you quickly and come in a pre-paid box for you to pop in a postbox afterwards. You have a week to return them.

The London Retro range is available with single vision, bifocals, varifocals or sunglasses. I don’t have a prescription so mine are just plain sunglasses.

I got to try them out on our sunny visit to the beach last week, now I’m just waiting to try them out in some proper summer sun.

Are you a fan of wearing sunglasses?

Sunglasses c/o Glasses Direct.

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