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Everyone Needs A Full Length Mirror

by Jessica Amey

A few weeks ago Out There Interiors contacted me to see if I would like to review something from their furniture range.

They sell a huge range of products including some genuine vintage furniture so it was really hard to pick something.

I absolutely love this turquoise distressed dinner table – definitely on my want list!

I was also drawn to this turquoise plate rack, I am obsessed with turquoise at the moment!

This eucalyptus ladder caught my attention too as I really want one in our bedroom for hanging clothes that aren’t quite ready to be washed yet on.

In the end I decided on a full length mirror though as mine had a little crack in the corner from when one of the kids chucked a toy into it. And in my opinion everyone needs a full length mirror in their lives.

I chose this white dressing mirror.

It has an easel style back support so you don’t need to worry about fixing it to the wall which is good, I’m not very good with a drill and it takes Mr C about three months to doing anything like that after I ask him!

It’s also a really good size, 50 cms across and 166.5 cm tall.

I went for white as I’m eventually going to be getting rid of the horrendous yellow paint in our bedroom and lightening everything up in there but it also comes in cream.

Unfortunately when I removed the packaging from the back of the mirror I discovered some of the backing peeling off at the corners and edges and some dirty black marks on the easel frame, Out There Interiors have identified the problem though and their quality inspector hadn’t been checking the backs of mirrors. They’ve changed this now so it won’t be a problem again.

You can view their full range of mirrors here.

Do you think you could manage without a full length mirror?!

mirror review

We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words are my own.

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