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External Noise Reduction At Home: 3 Effective Steps

by Jessica Amey

There are many things about our home that we can control. We can control the decor, the arrangement of the furniture, the design, and all those little touches that truly serve to make a house a home.

However, we can only control the goings-on in our home. We have no influence over the noises that penetrate through our walls from the outside, and it’s thanks to this issue that even your perfect dream home can truly begin to feel like a nightmare.

The causes of external noise

There are numerous causes of problematic external noise in the home, but the most common are…


Few of us will go through life without living next door to at least one person who doesn’t quite seem to understand social norms. They will play music as and when they see fit; conduct conversations at such a volume that you can hear every word, and see no harm in hoovering at 2am. Noisy neighbours are a genuine nuisance, and can dramatically impact your happiness at home.

Road noise

The second biggest cause for concern regarding external sound is road noise. Unless you live in a rural location, you will likely experience some element of road noise when you are at home. The closer your home’s proximity to a major road, the more troublesome this becomes.

If you are experiencing these issues, or similar problems related to external noise, then here’s what you need to do to cope…

1) Install double glazing

If you don’t yet have double glazing, then it’s time to make the switch. Double glazing is the first line of defence against problematic external noise, and can be vital in returning peace and quiet to your home. So if you have been wondering, “how do I find double glazing near me?”, then it’s time to answer that question and obtain the installation that you so dearly need.

2) Plant hedges and trees

Garden greenery isn’t just beneficial in terms of ensuring your exterior looks attractive; it also has impressive noise-dampening qualities. Opt for thick, dense hedges and trees around the perimeter of your garden; this should provide a great cushion that is able to significantly lower the disturbance you experience from external noise sources.

3) Play white noise

If you have tried the above ideas and are still struggling with persistent exterior noise problems, then the final option is to play white noise in your home. White noise can help to drown out unwanted noise, but does it without being distracting in and of itself. If you’re tempted by the idea, you can buy dedicated white noise machines, or just install white noise apps onto your smart speaker or phone— you’ll be surprised by just how effective it can be.

In conclusion

The fact that we cannot fully control the noise that enters into our home is incredibly frustrating, and can lead to many disheartening experiences. However, by employing the tactics above, you should be able to ensure that you — at the very least — control intrusive external noise to a point where you can ignore it. Good luck!

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