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Finally Some Sun

by Jessica Amey

This Winter has been long, and wet. VERY long and VERY wet.

This week was a particularly tough one as I’ve been on antibiotics due to an infected bite wound on my nipple, Tiger only feeds from one side and it was EXCRUCIATING at it’s worst, like I actually thought I was going to pass out every time he latched on, so I only fed him if I really had to, he didn’t react well to this as he’s used to feeding as much as he likes so he had lots of proper, flinging himself on the floor and kicking his legs tantrums. Cherry has also been ill with an ear infection, not bad enough for her to be on the sofa all day but bad enough for her to cry about every single little thing (me not being able to put her blanket on properly, me giving her a drink in the wrong colour cup, me not letting her eat mini eggs for breakfast) so the fact we were unable to leave the house all week due to illness and the weather being so bad meant that by the weekend we were suffering with cabin fever, big time.

You can’t imagine how pleased I was to see we were due to finally have some sun this weekend.

We’ve had such  a lovely time. We went for a walk then stopped for lunch at a little tea rooms in the middle of nowhere. We actually got to eat outside too!! Then we went to a local town to walk around and sit in a pub garden which had a little play area that the kids loved.

Cherry wanted me to tie Noddy to  her back so she was carrying her baby like me, so cute!

If you look in the background of the photos below then you can see some of the flooding that has affected our county.





It was so nice to have a little taste of Spring and I can’t wait for it to start properly now.

Have you all been enjoying the sun?

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