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My New Project

by Jessica Amey


I’ve been blogging for three years in May and in that time my blog has changed a lot.

At the start it was just about parenting. I was a first-time mum and it was all so new to me. I loved being able to share my experiences, hear from others and feel I was part of a community.

Then when I was pregnant I enjoyed sharing my bump updates, followed by my experiences as a new mum of two.

Now I’m a not so new mum of two my blog has become a real mix. I still enjoy writing posts about my life a mum, I love sharing updates on J and I’m so passionate about breastfeeding but I don’t really feel like parenting is the main focus of my blog anymore.

I have developed a real love of photography as well as a huge interest in crafts, specifically things I can do with Cherry.

As a result of this I decided to set up a new site dedicated entirely to crafts.

It’s called ‘Let’s Do Something Crafty’ because every morning that’s what Cherry says to me.

There will still be lots of craftiness on this blog but I love a new project so couldn’t resist setting up a new site too!

Below is a little peak at what we’ve been up to over there – How To Turn An Egg Box Into A Toy Camera.


It’s still a work in progress but it’s getting there, I’m not sure how I will find the time to fit it all in but I’m quite excited by it!

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