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Flooring For Offices

by Jessica Amey

Getting the flooring right in your office right is incredibly important. Your office space is the first impression for your clients, and everyone knows that first impressions count for everything. A floor holds the power to set the tone from the offset, and there are many impressive floorings out there that can wow your client.

Our personal opinion is that it doesn’t get much better than wood flooring. Wood flooring creates the optimum aesthetic of class and sophistication, hopefully our guide will help you find that much needed inspiration.

Our first recommendation would be engineered wood flooring. A strong and durable material that is incredibly reliable, and likely to last you a very long time. Engineered is made up of a number of layers, with only the top layer actually made of wood which is one of the key reason it is so durable.

A majority of modern workplaces look for a contemporary, cool design for their office and modernistic solid woods provide that. Solid adds a touch of class but also is technically very strong. White brushed solid wood particularly adds a bright, vibrant feel to your office and also makes it feel far more spacious.

A slightly more cost effective, but still incredibly reliable option is laminate flooring. Laminate is one of the best alternatives to hardwood, and still maintains all the great qualities that wood offers. It comes in a number of different designs and colours so there is something for everyone.

The final option we’re going to look at is Luxury Vinyl Tiles, another excellent alternative. Vinyl is soft underfoot, and generally are noise resistant, making it ideal for not only you, but also the office below! There are a number of excellent designs and shades available, ranging from wood effects to patterned designs.

There are a number of fantastic flooring options to fit in your office, it really does come down to personal choice. We hope our guide has helped you!






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