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Foot Health in Children

by Jessica Amey

 I live near a shoe shop that has a massive foot measuring area so I take the kids to have their feet checked quite a lot.

I don’t always buy their shoes but I do like to get a proper idea of their size because I don’t fully trust my judgement when it comes to buying shoes that fit properly. I know all shoes fit different and sizes do vary but it gives me a good idea of where to start.

We’ve actually just had a problem with a pair of shoes for Cherry, the shop said they fitted her with room to grow but after a day of wearing them they crushed her toes and she had blisters on them.

Choosing shoes that fit properly is so important for the foot health of children, if shoes fit badly then it can affect the way the feet grow.

This infographic looks at the foot development of children and how to keep their feet healthy.

Baby & Child Foot Health Infographic

How often do you measure your kid’s feet?

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