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Green People Swapover For Organic Beauty Week

by Jessica Amey

I’ve never really put much effort into my skincare routine, I always take my make-up off but for the last few years have only been using two really cheap products on my face, a cleanser and a moisturiser so when Green People asked me if I would like to swap over to their face products and write about my findings for Organic Beauty Week I was really interested to see how organic alternatives would compare.

I always buy the kids natural bath products but never have for myself, I think part of it was because I tried a natural deodorant once which didn’t work so I just assumed all natural products were erm a little bit rubbish.

I’ve been well and truly proved wrong though.

I love these products and will not be going back to my old ones.

They all smell amazing and are concentrated so you only need a tiny amount, it took me a while to get used to this as I’d been used to needing a lot more of a product to get the same effect.

By far the best discovery was that their day solution moisturiser was enough for my skin which as well as still being spotty is also really dry. I’ve tried a lot of thinner creams in the past which just haven’t worked so have ended up using a really thick, greasy cream which left my face all shiny. This one doesn’t make your skin greasy but still moisturises, it’s amazing!!

The cleanser / make-up remover is also great and removes all my make-up really easily and I love the firming serum.

Green People Product Review

Green People Products 2

I’ve been using lots of this zap and clear serum as like I mentioned before I still get spots, something which is really annoying at my age.

With the eye creams and spot serum it’s harder to say if they work or not as I haven’t been using them for long enough to compare but it feels really soothing to put them on my skin.

Green People Products

In the time I’ve been using them my face feels so much nicer and I am planning to switch over to quite a lot of their products, I’ve heard their deodorant is amazing and they even sell make-up. Fritha has been testing out some of these other products, you can see her review here.

I’m so happy to have discovered some organic products that really work and have been completely converted.

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review, all words are my own.

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