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Forests, Dinosaur Towels and Sugar Free Chocolate

by Jessica Amey


I’m still reading Gone Girl, I haven’t had much chance since I’ve been home but I have managed the odd few pages when I’ve been sat in the garden with the kids.


The new True Detective. I found the last one really scary and it totally freaked me out, my heart was beating so fast through most of the episodes as I was so on edge but I did really enjoy it, as did Mr C so I’m going to do it all again. This one has different actors in it which is a bit of a shame as I grew rather fond of Matthew McConaughey ūüėČ

I also watched the last Made in Chelsea of the season, it’s a real guilty pleasure of mine¬†and I’m looking forward to the next season about their summer in Los Angeles! I almost feel a bit too old to be watching it but then I’m only a few years older than some of the cast, it will be funny when they all start getting married and having babies, or maybe it won’t?!


We had a trip to the forest last Sunday and it was the perfect antidote to my two days in London, I do like experiencing city life but I’m definitely more at home in the countryside. It was also nice to wear a pair of jeans having been in skirts for two days, especially this pair as I’ve only just managed to fit into them. I’ve been going to the gym for the last month and I changed my diet a few months ago so it’s nice to finally see a change in my body. The lumps on the side of my hips have gone down and I can see a tiny bit of muscle definition appearing. Nice to know that my early morning bear crawls across the studio at my local gym are doing something!


We went outdoor swimming this week and Tiger got to try out this super cute dinosaur towel sent to us by CuddleDry. They sell lots of different animal towels, is there anything cuter than a snuggly baby wrapped in a towel with ears?!




Nothing new, I never listen to the radio so wouldn’t have a clue about any new music!


I’ve been making lots of currys this week, in fact we’ve had curry every night. I’ve been making them from the Get The Glow cookbook which is great, they are all really simple but taste delicious.


I also made this camping scene out of pipe cleaners. Glastonbury Festival is on this weekend and we grew up going to it so it always feels strange not to be there. Funny how eight years ago I was there, having the best time ever¬†and now I’m at home making tents out of pipe cleaners!


These really simple hair braids are also over on my craft blog this week. Also perfect for festivals!


And Lastly…

Since cutting refined sugar out of my diet a few months ago I have really missed chocolate. I had given up even looking for a good sugar free chocolate and thought I just had to accept a life without any until I discovered this product!!

It’s made with coconut nectar instead of sugar and they also use carob powder instead of cacao which has caffeine and theobromine in it.

I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have discovered it, it’s exactly the same as chocolate! The silky Milky is my favourite flavour but they are both delicious.

You can read all about it on their website – Supertreats¬†– and find the link to order some online. I’m hoping it will start being stocked in health food shops soon though so I always know I can grab a chocolate fix when I need one!




I was sent the chocolate and dinosaur towel in return for an honest review.

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