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How To Save Your Conservatory

by Jessica Amey

I absolutely love conservatories and my dream house will definitely have one.


They are perfect for taking photos as they are so light and I love the idea of sitting in one when it’s raining. There is something so cosy about being indoors watching the rain crash against the windows. They make the perfect space for some crochet and would also double up as a good play room.

Over time though, what was once a brand new space, starts to become a bit old and problems can start to creep in. I guess that’s the downside to having so many windows, there is always the risk of leaking.

Luckily there are lots of companies out there who can repair these problems without you needing to tear the conservatory down.

Albany Windows offer all sorts of repairs including conservatory roof repairs. One of the most common problems they see is old, leaky, cold or noisy conservatory roofs and they have a range of new roofs available including solar energy glass roofs or tiled options. Their motto is ‘repair before replace’ and they are based in Gloucestershire.

4 Seasons Construction also offer conservatory repairs, focusing on homes across Romford, Essex, Hertfordshire and North London. They can fix your rainwater system if your leaking roof is due a broken roofline and they also offer conservatory upgrades.

Lastly K Glazing specialise in conservatory glazing repairs in Yorkshire.  They can repair doors, roofs and windows as well as being able to replace panels in your greenhouse.

So no matter what kind of state your conservatory is in there are companies out there who can save it which is good to know.

Do you have a conservatory?

If you are doing work to your house you could also consider using an architect. Many people are still very uneducated on how architecture works. For example MEP engineering and structural engineering.

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