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Helping Your Homeschooler Transition To University

by Jessica Amey

The transition from high school to university can be challenging, for all kids. However, for those that have spent their educational years being schooled at home, there can be some particular challenges to face and overcome. The good news is you can help your homeschooled child’s transition experience go as smoothly as possible, but using the strategies below. 

Emphasize their strengths 

First of all, your child probably already knows that they are in quite a different situation to most of the students heading to their uni. This is something that can make them feel left out, and at a disadvantage. However, what it is important to remember here is homeschooling will also have provided them with many strengths that will be to their advantage at uni. 

For example, homeschooling students are often far better at being independent, and managing their own time, as well as motivating themselves as they will have practiced this extensively before. All vital skills that are needed to successfully survive Uni. 

Many homeschoolers are also great at working in groups, especially with people they don’t know as they will have done this online, or with homeschool groups IRL. While more traditional students may have only ever experienced working with their friends. 

Encourage them to make connections before they go 

Of course, being part of a large social and class group can be intimidating to homeschoolers at first. The good news is that with new tech such as social media, it’s often possible to make friends with those on their course, or in their halls before they have even left for the first term. This is something that can make that transition far easier, and a lot less scary! 

Help them choose the best accommodation option 

Supporting your child in choosing the right accommodation is so important if they have been homeschooled. Of course, the most vital thing here is to listen to their needs and wants first and try and find a good match for them. 

For example, some homeschoolers will be looking forward to the full halls experience where they get to live with their friends, in large groups. Something that can be very rewarding and fun. 

However, other homeschoolers may find traditional halls a little intense and will benefit from some additional support and features such as always having a private place to retreat to, and having social activities organised on-site for them. Luckily, this type of accommodation for students is becoming more and more common. Especially in the big university towns so there should be plenty of different options to choose from.  

Be sure to emotionally support them, especially in the begging 

Last of all, when it comes to supporting homeschooled students in their first term at uni, remember to be there to support them emotionally. After all, homeschoolers tend to be much more used to positively interacting with their parents and other family members daily. This may mean that scheduling a video call for the same time each night is the best way to help them feel connected to the family while living and thriving in their new uni life. 

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