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3 Things To Do When the Kids Are Back At School

by Jessica Amey

For stay-at-home mums, the last few months have been a strange new experience.

Having the kids and (and for some, partners too) in the house 24/7 has led to lots of rare quality time together.

It has certainly had its challenges too, and if your darling little ones have been driving you up the wall just a teensy bit, well, you’re not alone!

With plenty of other mums desperate for a bit of space come September, you might find yourself at a loss for how to fill those oh-so-quiet days. In that case, here are just three things you can do when the kids are back at school.

  1. Take up a hobby
    As well as providing entertainment, hobbies can be good for your mind and body as they reduce stress and blood pressure, and active pastimes like running are a great way to get moving.

    Whether you’re interested in an outdoor activity like gardening, or a creative pursuit such as drawing or writing, learning a new skill has never been easier, with countless beginner tutorials online and How-To videos on YouTube meaning there’s no need to shell out for expensive lessons or guide books.

    If you’re stuck for ideas, why not try something the whole family will love like baking, or something useful like sewing or knitting?
  2. Earn a Qualification
    Remote careers are on the rise, more so since the beginning of lockdown, but another popular remote opportunity that has seen a huge increase in demand is distance learning.

    If you’ve always secretly wanted to go back to school, a distance learning degree could be the perfect opportunity to balance your family life with your personal goals.

    ARU Distance Learning offer courses that are fully flexible, allowing you to study when it’s suitable for you and your family. Many of the courses take place 100% online, and some even often a part- time option for those who lead too busy a lifestyle to dedicate themselves full-time.

    It’s perfect for mums seeking a personal goal to occupy their time, and you can even have homework sessions with the kids!
  3. Join a Group
    Your newfound freedom during the day could be the perfect opportunity for you to socialise and meet other parents in your position.
    With so many formerly in-person events remaining virtual for the time being, you wouldn’t even have to take your slippers off.

    You could try an online book club, fitness group or even just a digital coffee morning – if you’re picking up a new hobby, online forums can be the perfect way to meet like-minded individuals.

    Sites like Meetup are perfect for groups seeking new members, as well as individuals seeking groups, and they have groups for just about anything. You can even search by postcode to find ones that are
    local to you.

These are just three ideas for filling the time once the kids go back to school, but if none of them float your boat, why not kick back and relax as you enjoy the peace?

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