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How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Day At School

by Jessica Amey

Babies grow up quickly, don’t they? Your little bundle of joy is getting ready for their first days at school – and you want them to have a great experience. Going off to preschool or kindergarten is a major milestone for your child and you. However, the change can be massive for your child as they step into a new environment for the first time. Here are some ways to prepare your child for their first days as a parent.

Make sure they are emotionally prepared

The first day at school can be pretty scary for any child. Leaving their comfort zone at home to meet new faces and spend long hours of the day away from your presence and protection can scare your child. So take the time to talk positively about school in the days leading up to your child’s first schooling experience. You want your little one to be as emotionally prepared as possible to not only thrive in their new environment but also to get used to your absence for an entire day. Try to work up your child’s excitement by sounding enthusiastic about their new experience. Speak to them about the exciting things they can expect at school and encourage them to ask you questions. 

Start practising the new morning routine

Most children do well with routines they’re used to, as it offers them some sense of security in knowing what to expect. Having a morning routine before school helps prepare the child’s mind and attitude to face the new day. They begin to know what time to wake up and what is expected of them in the morning (like washing down, brushing their teeth, etc.) without you needing to boss them around. It’s probably safe to assume that no parent wants to get into an epic power brawl with their little ones when preparing them for school. That alone can mess up their first day at school experience. 

Pick the right school for your child

It is critical that you pick the right school for your little one. There are a few things you need to consider. First, think about your child’s personality, special needs, strengths, and interests. Once done, research the right institutions that will enhance their strengths and help them correct their weaknesses. Also, consider your child’s unique talents, whether in sports, music, art, etc. and which institutions will help them grow the most. You might also want to think about the school proximity, available transportation, feeding, quality of teachers, school pedigree, etc. It would also help if you decided early between opting for a public school or a private independent school.

Visit the school or classroom

Some teachers invite parents to visit the school premises before the first day. If that option isn’t available, try to visit the school by yourself to check out the environment, the building, playground, and the classroom. If possible, try to invite your child’s teacher to your home to speak with your child.

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