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Tips to Master Being a Mum Who Works From Home

by Jessica Amey

Having children is a full-time job, and just because you are a mum, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up working if you don’t want to. There are many successful women who make work work for them alongside a family. In fact, with a determination to make things work for their family, there are more and more mums who are making successes in businesses; something created from scratch that works alongside family commitments. Earning money, being able to provide, and having time to be the creative and determined person that you are can be just what you need to help you to be the best mum that you can be. 

What are the best ways to get a business started from home with children-in-tow, though? Establishing a business from home can be great as it allows you flexibility to do all that you need to, but there are definitely some areas to consider and that will make things work in a much more straightforward way too. So here are some things to think about, if you are thinking about embarking on this journey.

Keep work and family separate 
This is something that can definitely be easier said than done, however, being able to put in place somethings that will help you to divide your time between work and home, will help you to thrive in both areas. If you are only thinking about work when with the family or only thinking about family when it is time to work, then it won’t make you productive in either area. So get organised, plan your time, and when it is time to switch off from work, make sure that you do. 

Maintain privacy
When you start a business from home it can be straightforward to just put your address down on everything. When invoicing, chasing payments, or putting down details of where to ship items too, it can be simple to do just that, right? However, it can be worth looking into virtual addresses for mail or business in order to maintain your privacy as a family. You might not want your personal address out on everything. Plus, having an address that is not a residential one can help to make the business look much more professional from the start.

Don’t hesitate to get help
When it comes to working from home and working around a growing family, there will be some instances where you just need your load to be lightened a little. This could be done through a supportive partner who will go the extra mile in the home, or getting help in other areas. For instance, if, after you have done your work you’d rather have some quality time with the children than face the housework, then getting a cleaner to help could be something to consider. The same goes for childcare if you need help in that area, or getting an assistant if work is taking over. If you feel like you’re nearing burnout then it won’t be good for anyone, so do not hesitate to get the help that you need. 

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