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This Homeschooling Life #13

by Jessica Amey

It’s SEPTEMBER!! Not quite sure how we have reached this point already and I’m definitely not ready for the summer to be over but I do love the build up to Halloween, spooky crafts are our favourite so we always have lots of ideas floating around ready to put into action.

August was a holiday month for us, we went up to a car show for a long weekend and then last week had a new experience… we went camping. I honestly wasn’t sure what I would make of it as I haven’t slept in a tent since the last time I went to Glastonbury Festival in 2008 but I absolutely loved it, we all did. The only downside was our tiny tent but now we know we love it we are going to make sure we have a better set up for next time. We went to a summer camp at a home education centre in Wales and the kids honestly had the best time of their lives, just being free and able to run with all their friends gave them the freedom that they don’t always have in day to day life. The camp is organised by the people that do the kid’s field at Beautiful Days Festival so they had a big top tent, swing boats, trampolines, theatre groups and the BEST craft tent. We made mosaics, hula hoops, glass lanterns, peg dolls, and Mr C and I ever leant how to weave willow baskets. That was just in the couple of days we were there, the camp goes on for a week and I would happily have lived in the craft tent for all that time!


We went with some friends, the kids all do gym together and are a similar age so it was really nice for them to spend a few days together. Cherry cried for over an hour on the way home as she didn’t want to leave. It’s actually made us question what we want from life too and owning some land to have a little small holding on is now something we really want to work towards, it’s not something I ever thought I would want from life a few years ago but now all I want is to grow vegetables and have some animals to look after.

Cherry is still always busy working on crafty things, she spent hours cutting out all the pieces for this paper scene the other day… we actually ended up learning about 3D too as she wanted me to draw her a 3D cat, something which I obviously couldn’t do! She decided to stand it up instead.


Then she taught Tiger how to make paper kites and they spent ages running around with them in the garden making them fly…


And the really exciting news is that we are turning our summer house into a craft workshop. Mr C is going to build a work bench all around the outside and make a smaller one for the kids then we will have somewhere we can use tools, learn new skills and make as much mess as possible. I can’t wait!

This is what it looks like now, I will share with you the after photos when it’s done.



All of our groups start back this week which I’m actually looking forward too as it was nice to have the tiny bit of structure, that’s about all I can manage though 😉


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