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When The Kids Styled Our New DFS Sofa…

by Jessica Amey

I’m so excited to share our new DFS sofa with you.

We have been living in our new house for about four months now and despite painting non-stop for three months of that time I still haven’t finished it all, although I am nearly there. I just have a bit more to do on the skirting boards upstairs and the floorboards on the landing. The entire house is white apart from the hallway, staircase and landing which is turquoise. To be honest though I am starting to get a bit bored of white and have an urge to repaint it all! I won’t though, at least not for the time being 😉

There are still lots of jobs that need doing though, the big one is having some flooring put down in the living room and then just little ones like putting things up on the walls. They look a bit bare at the moment.

When DFS asked me to take part in this challenge I couldn’t say no though as not only did it sound like lots of fun but the timing couldn’t have been better because we desperately needed a new sofa. We buy so much second-hand or vintage, in fact the sofa-bed on the other side of our living room is a pre-loved one but there are things that I prefer to buy new and sofas are one of them, another being mattresses, oh and underwear 😉 – basically anything that absorbs smells, and dirt but that can’t be washed.

The idea of the challenge was to get the kids involved in the styling of our new sofa then for me to have a go myself. DFS sell hundreds of sofas so choosing one was really hard, as well as their own sofas they have also collaborated with other brands and it was the French Connection Zinc that we ended up choosing, I’ve heard so many good things about it and I love the way it looks. It comes in lots of different colours and sizes too, we went for the 4 seater sofa in Sky as it’s a similar colour to our sofa-bed. We wanted a fabric sofa with cushion covers that could be removed to be washed, an essential when you have kids and you can choose the colour of the legs too, we went for light wood.

The sofa was so much bigger than I expected and you can seat 4 people on it with room to spare, the delivery guys had to take it round the back of the house but luckily they managed to fit it in the back door, just! It is just so comfortable too. I’m in love with it!

As part of the challenge we were able to borrow some products from Dwell, the kids chose these animal cushions. Cherry chose penguins and Tiger chose the elephant. I let them rummage through our airing cupboard for sheets and blankets and they decided they wanted to cover the big sofa cushions with floral vintage sheets. Then that they wanted to bring down all their cuddly toys so they could have a party on the sofa with them, Tiger needed trousers on his head for this of course 😉





The rug and lamp are also from Dwell, the lamp is perfect for me in the evenings when I’m crocheting.


When it comes to how I style the sofa, I basically cover it in crochet, both my finished blankets and the projects I’m working on. In the evening this is where you will find me, I sit in that seat covered with all my crochet hooks, yarn and projects. It’s my happy place and I look forward to sitting their all day.

dfs sofa crochet blanket dwell lamp



dfs sofa living room makeover

We found the corner unit at our local recycling centre and I painted it with chalk paint, there was a top part to it but sadly it fell over in the garden and smashed. Luckily the bottom was fine though, you can also see the other unit I transformed with chalk paint here.

So it’s quite funny really because apart from the toys there isn’t much difference in how the kids and I would style our new sofa! I love bright colours as much as them and loved their idea of the vintage sheets that we actually have them on at the moment, it actually eases my nervousness of them making the actual sofa dirty so it’s good for lots of reasons!

If you are looking for a new sofa then definitely check out DFS and why not let your kids style your living room too?!

Thanks to DFS for working with us on this post.

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