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This Homeschooling Life #15

by Jessica Amey
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It’s November! How did that happen?! I mentioned last month that life was really busy, it had actually got way too busy and due to us living a bit out of the way we were spending quite a lot of money on petrol, as well as having kids who spent a lot of time moaning in the car so we had a look at what we were doing and decided to drop out of a couple of things. It’s hard because there is so much going on that you feel like you should be making the most of it but actually I think it’s equally important to have some time at home. One of the things I’ve learnt is that just because I think something sounds fun, it doesn’t mean that the kids will enjoy it, an example of this was when I signed them up to a street dance taster class. I thought it would be a really cool thing for them to do but they hated it, we actually had to leave as they point blank refused to do it! I think it’s good to try as many things as possible though, then decide whether it’s worth it to keep them up, both financially and time-wise.
One thing that’s become really apparent over the last month is exactly what Cherry’s passions are, one of the reasons we wanted to homeschool was so we could help the kids find these as early as possible and let them use their time to really work on them, we always knew Cherry was really creative and that is still very much the case. She spends hours and hours making things, in fact right now she is drawing out some bunting for her doll’s house. They are all her ideas and she’s always rummaging through craft boxes to find supplies for her creations. I knew that this wouldn’t be supported in mainstream schooling and that she would be probably be so tired and busy in her free time that she might lose it and I didn’t want that to happen. As well as creating, her other passion is for gymnastics, she does a class once a week but the rest of the time she is jumping and rolling off everything. You can’t go for a walk without her practicing handstands on every bit of grass or climbing everything in sight, she’s actually been watching woman’s parkour on YouTube and I can totally see her doing that when she’s older.
I know a lot of people will think ‘but what about her academic learning??’, and that is of course a good question, I mean it’s all very well being good at gym and making things out of paper but those skills alone might not be enough in later life. I guess how we are doing things is round the other way, so instead of the academic learning coming first, the things she wants to do come first, that’s not to say that the other things aren’t happening though. I have no idea what level she would be at with her reading, writing and maths if she were in school but I do know that we are so happy with the speed at which she is picking things up, especially as it’s all been down to her. She’s making really good progress but it’s because she needs the skills to help her with the things she is interested in, I knew from a young age that her passion wasn’t for anything academic and after a few attempts to ‘teach’ her how to read we backed off because she wasn’t interested. Now though if she is making something or writing a book and she needs to know how to write something then she will have an interest in learning, or if she wants to read to Tiger then she will work hard at learning the skills she needs to do that.
The kids have become obsessed with Paw Patrol, all their games are based on it and this is a collection of things Cherry made for them to play with.
Even our pumpkins had to be Paw Patrol themed!
Is there anything better than children’s drawings??
This was taken at our science club, we were extracting DNA from our saliva by mixing it with pineapple juice, washing up liquid and a few other things. Really interesting!


Cherry in her element, making mud pies, very delicately!


Our little lady turned six last week and out of a list of activities she chose to go to Quad World. I even got to have a go, it was so cold though and my hands were freezing which made it hard to hold the clutch in, it was fun though.


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