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This Homeschooling Life #12

by Jessica Amey

It’s been an entire year since we started this linky and it feels like it’s gone so quickly. We had only decided to home educate a few months beforehand so it was all still so new to us but as time has moved on it’s become a way of life and as I mentioned last month there isn’t really divide between learning and life, it’s all just become one. There is something to be learnt from everything you do whether it’s classed as educational or not so how can you separate the two?

As a result we don’t take a break from homeschooling for the summer because how can you take a break from answering questions or letting the kids do the things they are interested in?!

There is however a break from the groups we go to, Fun Science has broken up for the summer and there won’t be any gymnastics classes for the next month.

The kids did both get a new badge before breaking up for the summer though. Next term we are going to split the younger and older ones into different groups so the older ones can focus on the more advanced activities while the younger ones just run around playing. I think Cherry will enjoy that as she loves going across the beams and using all the equipment.


We do have a group for the next two weeks though, a street dance taster session. I’m quite looking forward to seeing how they get on but it’s always a risk with a new group whether they actually enjoy it or not.

Playing in the garden is still the number one favourite activity. They can keep themselves entertained all day out there by switching between bikes, scooters and skateboards as well playing restaurants with food made from mud and sand. They’ve been getting ready for a wedding with 300 guests all weekend and have made lots of pizzas and cupcakes out of mud from the old pond!


Last week they decided to do some outdoor painting, Cherry is really interested in mixing the colours together to see what they make. She will then teach Tiger.


Now the weather has improved we have been spending so much time outdoors and all our activities are based around it. We made some tie-dye pillowcases a couple of weeks ago which turned out really well. It was part of a work project for my role as contributor for AO Life, you can see the tutorial here.


We went to a National Trust property last week with Mr C’s family, the kids all enjoyed dressing up.

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And Cherry has been enjoying swimming in the sea, it’s crazy how kids don’t feel the cold!


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