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This Homeschooling Life #16

by Jessica Amey

I probably say this all the time but I can’t believe how quickly the months go by, this one especially has just disappeared, although not because we’ve been having a great time. Everyone has been / is currently ill and we’ve had lots of sleepless nights due to the children having coughing fits. Plus we’ve had constant car problems and haven’t had both of them on the road for at least a month now. It’s actually through these times that I am especially grateful we homeschool though because it really doesn’t matter if we were up all night, or if we don’t have a car, we can just adapt our days to suit us.

It’s feels like we’ve been stuck indoors for this entire month but looking back through my photos has reminded me that we’ve done more than I realised. I took the kids on a bus for the first time which they loved, I can’t say I did though as a 4 mile round trip cost £8!! We went to meet up with some friends from Weymouth, visited a local donkey sanctuary which was AMAZING. They had a couple of donkeys in the courtyard that you could touch and they were so soft and fluffy. They are so relaxing to be around.


Cherry also got to have a go on her quad bike at Mr C’s workshop, she hasn’t been able to for a while as there were horses in the field but they aren’t there anymore. I waited in the car though as it was so bloody cold!!


We’ve also had a few trips to the beach, it’s always nice being able to go in the week as places tend to be quiet, something which we like.



Cherry’s still been going to her gymnastics class which she loves and we’ve been up to a group where we used to live to craft and play. When we’ve been at home Cherry has still been making lots of things and doing lots of drawing.

We were sent these Chalkola chalk pens to try out and they are awesome, Cherry used them to draw on black paper but you can use them on so many different things such as glass, blackboards, white boards etc. The drawing on the left is her Shoppie doll and the one on the right is Maria from The Book of Life. The pens are eco-friendly and don’t have any horrible chemicals in so there is no strong smell which makes them great for kids. They would make a fab Xmas present, you can find them on Amazon here and if you enter the code: 20OFFSTR then you can get 20% off.


We’ve also been learning about different artists and their styles, we have a book called ‘Let’s Make Some Great Art’ which is so good. It’s full of ideas to try too.

I don’t feel like I have much to report at all this month but we’ve definitely done more than I first thought.

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