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Pretend Ice-Cream Cones – Imaginative Play Crafts

by Jessica Amey

I love anything ice-cream themed.

I feel like I’ve done something really naughty this month though because looking at the contents of the latest Bostik craft bloggers box and given the time of year it is, the idea was for us to make something festive but not only is my craft not related to Christmas in any way, it’s actually something that would make more sense in the middle of summer.

But when I looked inside and saw those cones I knew there was only one thing I could do with them: Pretend ice-cream cones!


I made the ice-cream out of felt and started by cutting out two teardrop shapes….


I sewed around the outside leaving a fairly large gap then turned them inside out before adding some toy stuffing, I found this in my local craft shop, it doesn’t cost much for a huge bag.


Then I stitched the remaining gap together. I made six of these, two pink, two brown and two cream.


Then put two in each cone, with the pointed part facing down.

pretend ice-creams

To decorate them we used the Bostik Glue Dots and stuck the little pom poms that came in the box all over the top.

decorated pretend ice cream

decorated pretend play ice-cream

The kids absolutely love them and have been playing with them all day.

diy pretend play ice-cream

pretend play ice-cream cones

Thanks to Bostik for this month’s craft package and for providing us with the perfect materials for making ice-cream!

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