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Easy Edible Christmas Tree Decorations

by Jessica Amey

I like the idea of having edible Christmas Tree decorations and Cherry is really enjoying doing Christmas activities this year so last week we made some.

They are basically just rice krispie bites wrapped up so really easy to make and Cherry loved it.

You will need:
Rice Krispies
Chocolate, we used white but you can use any you like
Cake sprinkles
Clear Wrap, I found mine in the florist section of Hobbycraft
Ribbon / Yarn

Start by mixing the rice krispies with the cake sprinkles, I put all the sprinkles in little pots as Cherry likes to add them all really slowly mixing it up every time. It kept her entertained for ages.

Rice Krispie Cakes

While Cherry was mixing it all I melted the chocolate in the microwave, you can also do it in a bowl on top of a saucepan with boiling water in but it takes a lot longer.

Mix the melted chocolate into the dry mix.

rice crispie bites

Then scoop onto trays covered in greaseproof paper or silver foil.

Leave them to set, this happens quicker if you put them in the fridge.

Rice Crispie Tree Decorations

These lovely melamine plates are from Buddy and Bear.

Nom Nom Nom Plate

rice crispie cakes

Once they had set I wrapped the clear film around them and tied some yarn around then tying at the top to make a loop.

rice crispie decorations

edible tree decorations


edible decs on tree

I was looking at this photos thinking they would look really nice with a big bow tied around them too, in any kind of festive ribbon to match your theme.

If you enjoy baking and need any equipment then Housemakers have some great offers on their baking range.

Do you have any edible decorations on your tree this year?

 Plates c/o Buddy and Bear / Collaborative post

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