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The Glisten Camping Geodomes, France

by Jessica Amey

I know quite a lot of you have been waiting to read about the Glisten Camping Geodomes so here we go…

We were lucky as we got to experience two different plots, we were offered a choice before our arrival and initially went for the plot nearer the toilet blocks thinking it would be better for Cherry but it turns out she has a much stronger bladder than me and didn’t need to go for a wee nearly as much as I thought she would so when we spotted the dome up on the hill we asked if we could swap.

The only difference was that the first one was a lot more shaded by trees as you can see below and because the weather was a bit cooler due it being the end of the season we thought it would be nicer to make the most of the sun.


Although typically the weather turned once we were settled into our new dome and we didn’t really get any more sun!! Not only did we not get any more sun but for an entire day it didn’t stop raining. There is something so relaxing and cosy about being in a tent when it’s raining though.




The domes are absolutely awesome, as you can see from the photos.

One side is transparent so you can see out, it also has curtains though so at night people can’t see in.

glisten camping geodomes living room

Inside is a wooden frame which separates the dome into three sections, a living room area with two huge beanbags and a sofabed (the area visible in the photo above), a kid’s bedroom area and a main bedroom area. The sleeping areas were really what makes the whole experience so different from normal camping. Our mattress was SO comfortable and that is something I’ve found really hard to find when being on holiday. We have a memory foam mattress at home and usually when we stay in hotels I am so uncomfortable I can’t sleep but this wasn’t the case at all here.

Then there were the kid’s beds which were very cool. They hang and look like cocoons, after months of Cherry being a nightmare at bedtime she actually enjoyed going to bed whilst we were there and you can see why!

hanging bed glisten geodomes


We did actually ask Simon where he bought them from but he’d had them custom-made. We were saying how they would be great for small bedrooms as you could just hoick them up to the ceiling in the day leaving the bedroom for playing.

There is room for two hanging beds but as Tiger is still in a cot we used one of those instead. There was plenty of room, you can see it in the bottom left window in the photo below.

This was the second dome location…


There was astroturf throughout the domes which was really soft to walk on and there was also a shelving unit and wardrobe as well as storage under the bed. The circular windows come with covers or fly nets and you can also open up one side of the dome when it’s really hot. Then there are solar powered fans too to keep it cool. They also have little battery powered lamps which worked so well, they stay on for 6-8 hours but we only had to charge them a couple of times during our stay.

Now onto one of my favourite parts, the outdoor area…


There is something so nice about having the kitchen outdoors. It comes with a plancha grill which Mr C was in charge of, it’s great for all kinds of things like meat / veg but you can also boil pasta on it, luckily for the kids who only eat pasta with pesto!!

There is a fridge and microwave too, as well as electricity sockets with a UK adapter, I did have to email and check whether I was going to be able to charge my phone before arriving! The kitchen comes with everything you need and it just doesn’t feel like camping at all. In the evening you can switch the fairy lights on that go all around the kitchen making it look very pretty.

Mr C cooking dinner last night whilst the kids played and I relaxed with a glass of wine 😉 @glistencamping #latergram

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Oh then there is the hammock!

I am so buying one of these hammocks when I get home!

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It’s HUGE and fits the whole family on, one night when it was particularly humid Mr C and I sat and watched the latest Sons of Anarchy on it when the kids were in bed. Definitely beats sitting on the sofa at home!


There was also lots of room on the decking for the kids to play.





More holiday spam… It is scorching here today so we are off for another swim 😉 ☀️☀️☀️

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CLICK HERE for lots more photos and to read about the Glisten Camping goats.


Everything about the domes had been really well thought out and there wasn’t anything negative we could say, they really are fab.

The only feedback we had was that the camping kettle took a really long time to boil on the grill so a plug-in one might be a better option, this was mainly an issue for us as Mr C has to drink about ten cups a day.

If you would like to read more about Glisten Camping then you can visit their website here.


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Thanks to Glisten for inviting us to go and stay with them.

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