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Life Lately: The Autumn Edition

by Jessica Amey

I can’t believe it’s still only autumn, it feels like we are in the depths of winter already. Not because it’s been that cold but just because it’s been grey, dark and rainy for what feels like forever. Going outdoors for anything when it’s wet and miserable just isn’t much fun so we end up spending lots of time indoors which I do love but not as much as I love the sun. I think it’s the ratio of sunny to crappy days we have in this country that make it harder to deal with, if it was cold and wet for say two months then warm and sunny the rest of the time then I could handle it but when it’s warm and sunny for about five days of every year then crappy the rest of the time then all I do is start dreaming of living in a country that has lots of sun.

I have a few photos of our life lately starting with Cherry’s birthday which funnily enough was really sunny! In fact it was probably the warmest birthday she will ever have. We went up to Cadbury’s World for the day and met my dad and sister there as they live nearby. We started the day with cake for breakfast then the kids ate chocolate all day before stopping for pizza which they then finished off with an ice-cream sundae. They have never eaten so much sugar in one day and I was worried about them being sick on the long drive home but they handled it suprisingly well!





Then a couple of weeks ago we headed out on both days of the weekend to go for a little walk, despite the rain, and to go and see some fireworks. Cherry has always loved fireworks and last year Tiger fell asleep but this year he didn’t like them at all. He was really scared of the bangs and spent the whole time asking to leave, bless him!


I love the way it looks like Cherry is scared of something coming out of the bush in this photo and is trying to save Tiger.





The floral skirt in the photos above was sent to me by Laura Ashley, I love the autumnal colours of it, it’s actually reduced to £22 right now too. The faux fur snood is also from Laura Ashley, I just had to choose it as it looked so warm and I get really cold ears in the winter which gives me a headache so this is perfect for pulling up over them. Mr C did find it hilarious though and said it looked like I had an animal around my head. The older I get the more I choose my clothes to be practical though, especially as my skin now goes red and burns when it’s exposed to the cold. I seriously need to move somewhere hot before I get too old or I won’t be able to leave the house!

We are off to a car show this weekend and it’s set to be freezing so that’s really going to put my tolerance of cold weather to the test.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Skirt and snood c/o Laura Ashley.


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